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We are experts in building and operating digital platforms by leveraging cloud-native architecture, Agile, DevOps & Lean approaches ...

and some of the technologies we use on a daily basis

Kubernetes / K8sD2IQ - Home of Mesosphere / Konvoy, KommanderCloud FoundryHelm - K8s packagerBOSHTerraformScala languageGO languageFluxCD - GitOpsistio - servicemeshLinkerd - servicemeshEnvoy - IngressJaeger - TraceabilityApache KafkaKudo OperatorPrometheusHarbor - Docker Registry

who we are

Started out as freelancing jobs for major brands, turned into an innovation-driven factory

As the famous Caesar said:

apes stronger together !

We realised some projects needed a bit more different approach- one involving more collaboration and flexibility, but also access to a variety of skill sets not always available next door.

And so the idea was born.

We wanted to form a team that would adopt the working principles of the agile methodology, leveraging each of us knowledge and experience, without having these physical walls [literally] of corporate structure and retaining this ‘freelancing’ feeling along the way.

We built ape factory in 2015, creating an environment where creativity, agility and technology meet in a remote-only fashion.

Caeser says - "apes together stronger"

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We share 98% of our DNA with chimpanzee, do you think you have the missing 2% that could make you part of the APE FACTORY species ?

Would you like to be where great ideas are turned into groundbreaking software ?

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